About the owner:

Maciej (pronounced: ma-chay) Lucarz hails from Wrocław(pronounced: vrot-suave), Poland. As of recent, he moved to the Tampa Bay area in pursuit of his vision to be an American restaurant owner. His quest led him to Clearwater, Florida where he established LucHouse Polish Buffet. Inspired by traditional Polish recipes, Maciej's style pursues a fusion of different European dishes past and present. A 15 year veteran of the restaurant industry, He inspires to bring his style of charisma and culinary creations for all to experience. Maciej brings Poland to the Bay area!

 What's in a name? The origins of LucHouse.

Simplicity was the key in the naming convention of the LucHouse Polish Buffet. Christened from the namesake of the owner's family name Łucarz (pronounced woo-sarsh). The name was modified for the English alphabet in order to make it easier to pronunce to English speakers, Lucarz. So in the spirit of the last name, LucHouse was born.

 What to expect during your visit.

The goal of LucHouse Polish Buffet is to transport the customer to the Polish countryside, even for a brief moment. The atmosphere inside exudes a Polish country theme with many traditional elements. The Buffet food strives to evoke flavor memories of Poland. The owner Maciej and manager Sandra make sure authenticity is standard, both are from Poland. You will receive top notch friendly service from a professional staff.



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